● 5/28〜7/3日    5/28〜7/3 7/4/〜8/7 8/8〜9/4

May 28, 15:00-, Shinshokaku (hereafter unless otherwise mentioned)
  Opening Keynote: Tomoki MANABE (CEO, Manabe Garden Inc.), "The Earth Art"


May 28 - June 5, Garden   
 Manabu HANGAI 
I will present my works around Shinshokaku garden's pond and let them enjoy the wind. Enjoying your day with smile and creating your art works bring you a pure joy. The works will show that joy and amusement on the water that can be seen from inside Shinshokaku. http://www.hangais.com
May 29 - June 5 
 Masanori UMEDA, "Transparent Path"

Observe the change of the time pressure through transparent works showing the change of light time that comes out of the cleavage of layered memories.
Scenery of cell

June 5, 15:00-

Dance: "blur"


June 6 - 12 
 Keiko KUMAZAWA, "Repose Of Souls"

I will express "Repose of Souls" using my work motifs "Disfigured Carrots" and "Fish Bones" at Shinshokaku.

June 12, 15:00-
 Movie + Talk: Hideki MATSUMOTO + Keiko KUMAZAWA


June 13 - 19

 Midori IKEDA, "Knitting the days together so as the words"

I lay down "I in the year of 1968" over the presence of Shinshokaku's 100 years. Overlooking the visualised "I", visitors are invited to witness the centennial of Shinshokaku. The titles of two of my works are as follows: >My place on earth: Born on April 3, 1943 >Day of 33 I will also present a workshop "four words". MIdori IKEDA HP
June 19, 15:00-
 Michiko CHABATA

DancePerformance: "Breath the Time"


June 20 - 26
 Akemi KAI
The works will stimulate five senses and make you listen to the sign of fairies in the doll house and their voices.
June 26, 15:00-
 Akemi KAI

Art Performance: "KE + HAI"

June 27 - July 3, Shinshokaku and Garden
 Takayuki YOSHINO
The work sealing the scenery of one's mind assimilates with the space containing Shinshokaku's 100 years of time to become light and appeals to viewers.
July 3, 15:00-
 Poetry Reading: Fuki no kai

 Masayoshi SAITHO : Rika UEDA : Sumio TUJIMURA : Yasuo HORIUTI
 Yasuko KASAI : Junzaburo SUZUKI : Masao SEKIGUCHI


● 7/4〜8/7    5/28〜7/3 7/4/〜8/7 8/8〜9/4

July 4 -10
 Masami AIHARA, "Rui Rui Ei Ei"

A sculpture work to replace "time" accumulated on the "place" by a shape. At the end you will be shown white pulp. I hope to show the soft reality. It's been 15 years since I installed my atelier in Obihiro. Please see the NPO North Bricks' and their supporters' activities:http://www.kitanorenga.com

July 10, 15:00-, Shinshokaku and Garden
 Gagaku Live: Otofuke Shrine Gagaku Society
Otofuke Shrine Gagaku Society's Gagaku will sound from inside Shinshokaku toward the outdoor garden. Today after 78 years since its foundation in 1933, we have 19 members. In addition to Shintoist events, our activities extend to organizing kids music schools or participations to various events. You can hear our music on Otofuke Shrine Website.  


July 11 - 17, "Vessels of Greenery and Wind 2011 -Shinshokaku-", Shinshokaku and Garden
 Mitsuhiro TAKASAKA
Since 2002, I use spiral and tried various expressions. I see people's lives on those spirals. I am the representative of FLOWMOTION.

Photographer born in Obihiro. Also involved in management and produce of art.
>Tokachi International Contemporary Art Exhibition DEMETER CITY PROJECT (2002)http://bit.ly/kbFJIc
>Contemporary Art in Rural City 2007 - 2008http://bit.ly/mg9lfE

Installation using fibers. On-site creation session. In Shinshokaku, I will make "Time Path" with wool.

As the heart follows...

If my life were a book, it would have no title. Time flies, images born, which make a clauses to become a chapter, and finally a book to be published. My works are not limited to 2D nor 3D, fragmenting the feelings of everyday, scenery I see and mixing with images
July 17, 15:00-, Garden

Modern Danse: "Crossing Outlines"



July 18 -24
 Isamu HASHIMOTO, "Pongee"
It is a miracle to encounter the living creatures that share the moment with you. Connections influence all the components to help go back to the origin. Connecting each of the appearing and disappearing moments is an act of living itself. The works created with natural materials will resonate with the history that lies beneath Shinshokaku.
July 24, 15:00-, Garden
 Ocellus Live: "Ton Purako"
 A newly-formed unit Ocellus, with Takanori ONO and Hidenori AKASAKA and Yoshimasa TAKAHASHI and Hisahumi AKAGI , members from "Koro Pokkuru".
Ton. Purako! Ton. Purako! Ton. Purako!


July 25 - 31
 Takashi SUZUKI, "KINGYO (Gold Fish)"

I will cover the veranda of Shinshokaku with red cellophane curtain having 100 halls. The sunlight through that curtain colors up the afternoon shoji screen in red and the place will appear where you have never seen before. Dancers will become gold fish in that light.

July 31, 15:00-
 Michiko CHABATA + Miyuki EIHARA

Dance Performance: "KINGYO?"



August 1 - 7, Asahikawa Group Exhibition, Shinshokaku and Garden
 Yoshinori ARAI
Last few years, I started a gallery and also gave installations in places like houses and shrines. This time I look forward to seeing what it looks like in such a traditional Japanese environment as Shinshokaku. How does it visually and mentally appeal to the viewers in this historic environment?  
 Akihiko ITOH
I look forward to seeing the various corporal senses awake at Shinshokaku inside the garden.
 Tadayuki FUJII
"What is the nature of the act of creation?", I wonder in my greenery thoughts. While I try to give a shape to something that cannot be put into words, even a tiny piece of memories or thoughts remains unexpressed. The edge of ambiguity stays blur and undecided. There is nothing but the standing-out reality consisting of the unbearable stupid human acts. Why not take a time and play around with greenery vaporization like birds forests do...
August 7, 15:00-
 Talk: Yoshinori ARAI, Akihiko ITOH, Tadayuki FUJII


● 8/8日〜9/4    5/28〜7/3 7/4/〜8/7 8/8〜9/4

August 8 -14
 Masano SANO, "Retrospective"
Masano SANO was an active artist, performer, improvisational musician, and city planner(1948 - 2005). In condolence, his fellows from Obihiro, Kitami, Asahikawa, and Sapporo will join his wife Hitomi SANO and present "Sano MASANO: Retrospective".
August 14, 15:00-
 Talk: Yoshifumi SEKIGUCHI + Kiyomi WATANABE + Hitomi SANO "Thoughts for the laundry boat"


August 15, 15:00-, Garden
Flamenco: Hiromi KOSEKI + Yuri HASHIMOTO + Kanade KIMURA 
staff : SIgehisa HUKUYAMA , Noriko MAEHIRA , Shigenori SASAKI , Kiminori KIMURA
August 15 - 21, Shinshokaku and Garden
 Yoshinori KATSUNO + Toru ODA, "Phenomenon"

In condolence of Eiso TAKAHASHI, the exhibition is a combination of his retrospective and a reunion of his supporters and apprentices under the title derived from his latest work "Phenomenon". The works displayed at Shinshokaku will connect the past to the future.


 Eiso TAKAHASHI, "Retrospective"
August 21, 15:00-, Garden


Modern Dance: "Call / Called / Fly / Flown" The moment when everything turns around, two birds ripping the transparent blank suddenly start to fly.


August 22 - 28, Kitami Group Exhibition, Shinshokaku and Garden
 Hirotaka HAYASHI
I will install ropes over the terrain and the water, spheres at Manabe Garden and Shinshokaku to expand viewers' perception in relation with the architecture and the scenery
 Tadashi TAMARU
Water surface and ripples, textile and yarn. Synchronization that can be seen among swarms or shoals. Scenery that has already been taken into account. Absolute color, absolute form, and absolute flat. I would like to synchronize those with Shinshokaku's time and place. http://www3.ocn.ne.jp/~galleryt/
It is said that the invention of photography killed the tradition of realism. In the history, the predecessors sought the way of expressions regardless of artistic or anti-artistic. So do we today. There is no end or beginning. In this complicated contemporary society we have to keep inventing and discovering art. Therefore, we must be brave and face the new melody.
 Junzaburo SUZUKI
What can art tell and cannot tell under the current situation? Your heart is floating between these two questions. Art can be just an everyday accessory but I look for more than words can tell.
There is a crossing point There are superposing faces Spaces that can't be seen I would like to describe rutting time and space
August 28, 15:00-, Garden
 Transmusic: MINIMUMLINE, Junzaburo SUZUKI (Laptop, Saxophone) + YASUKE (Japanese drums)


August 29 - September 4, Sapporo Group Exhibition
 Tenei ABE

Interviewed by Hokkaido Shimbun Press "History in myself: 'Avant-gardes' Hunter"


It is always surprisingly refreshing to meet the botany of trees, especially seeds that pass down the lives. The way wild birds wriggle tells the shining of the lives. The motivation for my creation comes from the excitement I get from plants and birds in forests and woods throughout the four seasons. I would like to express adoration for vibrating lives in the nature.
"Re-birth", reproduce instead of let fade away. Fading away is not the end but the start. I will express the lives born from fade-away using the clay as primordial ingredient.

September 4, 11:00-

 Goshin Moro

Djembe・ Jomon drum



September 4, 15:00-
 Closing Keynote: Akira YANAI (President, Hokkaido Art Network)