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Message from the Director

Tokachi Public Hall was established in 1911, commemorating a visit to the city of Obihiro by the Taisho emperor, during his reign as crown prince. According to reports, the prince enjoyed looking at the local horses and planting Norwegian Spruce trees. After the war, the hall was transformed into a community center, and became a center of citizens' cultural activities until 1968, when it was closed due to deterioration.
The City of Obihiro had been searching for someone who could maintain the facility, and luckily was able to transport the section of the community center containing the Manabe Garden, through the efforts of the founder of the garden, Masaki Manabe. The building, which has been conserved as city heritage, was named Shinshokaku after him. The name plate was written in calligraphy by Suihou Kuwahara. Shinshokaku will celebrate its 100th anniversary on August 15, 2011. Tokachi Contemporary Art 2011 will too cerebrate the occasion, bringing back to life Shinseikaku that once was a sanctuary of culture.
More than 50 artists from Obihiro, Asahikawa, Kitami, and Sapporo will participate in this 100 day show, and exhibit various forms of art at the noble Shinshokaku.
We hope that our event will bring further energy back into Shinshokaku, igniting the light in people's heart.
                                 Midori IKEDA